Sunday, May 1, 2011

Get Started!

In the Flash application project, I decided to do a quick overview to get started. Since S.E.R.V.E. Austin is a St. Edward’s program, I chose a background from the campus. There are different interactive components. The first button is the St. Edward’s logo. When you move the mouse over it a map pops-up so that anyone can know where to go if they decide to volunteer. If you click the button, it will give you information about where Campus Ministry is, so that you can look it up in the map, and the process you need to go through in order to become a volunteer. Once you click the HOME button, you go back to the beginning. Then, you can click the second button and it will give you a little overview of Casa Marianella, which is the site where I volunteer. Once again, if you click HOME you will go back to the original page. This Flash application was due with the idea of grabbing the student’s attention so that they can take a look at the other projects and learn more specifically about the sites and my own experience.

Find the perfect site for you!

S.E.R.V.E. Austin works with various organizations around Austin. In this map you will find the main seven sites that St. Edward’s University students attend, their location and a brief description of what volunteers do.
Students are required to assist to their sites through the whole semester and try to have perfect attendance. Each person chooses the site they want to be involved with for the semester and S.E.R.V.E. Austin leaders decide which organization would fit each volunteer better.
Looking at the map you will find a mark-up area in the St. Edward’s University campus that shows what is known as the “Campus Ministry area” between students. This area contains three main buildings. The first one is the Chapel, which offers daily mass as well as Sunday mass. Next to it is St. Joseph Hall, where the brothers of the Holy Cross accomplish their tasks. And third and last is the Mang House, where the Campus Ministry offices are located.
The Mang House is the meeting point for all the volunteers involved in a site. They all have to meet at the scheduled time in order to be picked up and transported to the site. Volunteers try to be on time. However, if an emergency occurs students are expected to notify their leaders before the meeting time.

View S.E.R.V.E. Austin Sites in a larger map

S.E.R.V.E. Austin programs start on Mondays with Casa Marianella, which is situated at the Northeast of St. Edward’s as the map shows. Volunteers help residents during the evening with different activities such as English classes or job applications.
Next, there is Sierra Ridge that has Mondays and Tuesdays as their volunteers’ days, and is the closest site to St. Edward’s campus. Volunteers stay there for the evening helping with the extended care for children.
American Youthworks volunteers also go on Tuesdays for the evening. This site is situated Southeast of St. Edward’s University. Here, younger students get help with homework and tutor for different classes.
On Wednesdays, Mary House Catholic Worker located Southwest of the University, receives volunteers from S.E.R.V.E. Austin who spend time with the residents and help with various house operations.
On the East side of Riverside, The Riverside Rehabilitation and Health Care Center welcomes Thursday evening volunteers who help the elderly with different tasks through the evening.
Last but not least, students also volunteer Thursdays at the River City Youth Foundation, which is located South of St. Edward’s University. In this site, volunteers work with students in after-school programs, where they tutor them, mentor them, or help them with any other issue.
The brief description of each site in the map also includes a link to the organization’s website where additional information can be found about the organization itself and other activities volunteers can get involved with aside of the S.E.R.V.E. Austin hours. Besides the link, the map also provides with some pictures of the sites that helps picture the environment of the organization the student might be interested in volunteer at.